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Climbing in the Varaita Valley:
The Triangolo della Caprera (2763 m)

The Triangolo della Caprera is a 400 meter high slabby wall of the Caprera Peak, above the Vallanta Valley.
A clear overhang running the width is the feature of this mountain. The rock is generally good.

About ten climbing routes have been established on this wall. You can link some of them with the Caprera Peak routes, for about 1000 m. climbs!

triangolo e punta caprera
The Triangolo della Caprera - view from West
Behind Punta Caprera (on the left) and Rocce di Viso (on the right)

Approach: From Castello (at 1602m., in front of a fountain on the left side of the road), hike the trail "U9" towards the refuge "Vallanta".
From Grange del Rio (1988 m.) the trail becomes easier: it crosses a stream and continues on its left side walking upstream up to Gias della Balma (2171 m.).

Cross the stream and hike the steep and rocky slope to the base of the Triangolo della Caprera.

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