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The correct name is "Croce Provenzale" (cross Provenzale): the story tells that in the battle of Novara (1848) Chiappera parish priest Don Provenzale was injured and fell near his horse. Shocked and scared, he decided to eviscerate the horse and hide himself into its venter. He swore that if he could have come back home, he would have built a cross on the summit of that rock above Chiappera. Fortunately he survived, so he built a cross and carried it on the summit, with the help of a few fellow-citizens. Works lasted three days.

The Provenzale is the most Southern summit of the group. Very good but lichened rock (very slippery when wet). The Southern Ridge is the easier way to the summit, even if exposed in a few stretches. Many climbing routes over IV are available on the Eastern and Western sides. On the Northern side the Forcella Ribaldone (saddle) separates the Rocca Provenzale from the Punta Figari. by carlogozzi©2006-08
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