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When shopping for rock climbing shoes, always take your time in the shop: everybody has a different foot shape so you have to understand which model fits better your foot (wide or narrow foot, which toe is the longest,...).
It's generally suggested (especially from very good climbers) to wear the smallest pair you could fit.
I think that it is a good advice only when you have developed the technique to throw down on high difficult climbs. Furthermore the many different types of rock climbing out there require different properties in shoes: on climbing a multi-pitch route it is better to fit shoes that you can wear all day in comfort.
If this is your first pair of shoes look for a no or slightly cambered model that is snug but comfortable enough to keep on for a few hours at a time. When starting out you have so much to learn in technique, it doesn't really benefit you to be in a painful shoe.
However, slipper shoes will stretch up more than lace-up ones.

slipper climbing shoe
lace-up climbing shoe
lace-up climbing shoe

Stiffer shoes edge better, while softer shoes may be more sensitive on slabs. For starting out, before you develop more toe strength, it may be a good idea to look for a stiffer, more supportive shoe.

Care. When your shoes are very dirty you can wash them in cold water using a non-soap detergent (of course do not put them in the washing machine!)
More frequently you can brush them with a damp cloth to make sure there is no sand or dirty to the bottom, and let them dry in the shade away from direct sources of heat.

Climbing shoes can be re-soled, two or three times. Do not wait that they are worn-out too much. by carlogozzi©2006-08
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