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A harness is used to secure a climber to a piece of rope or an anchor point, distributing the impact force of a possible fall on the strongest parts of the body.

Many kinds of harness are on the market: full-body harness (image 1), sit harness (image 2), padded, with adjustable leg-loops, with more or less gear-loops... They are generally made of polyamide fiber or polyester and are certified for a maximum tensile stress of 16 Kn.
I suggest buy a sit harness integrable with a breast-strap when needed.

imbrago intero
imbrago basso

"UIAA" and/or "CE" certification marks must be affixed on the harness.

Please note that UIAA certification mark was not affixed on sit harnesses till few years ago, because this kind of harness was considered unsafe in case of serious fall during traditional climbing in the mountains (not to be confused with sport climbing) and first of all because of danger of upsetting do to the weight of the backpack.

Harnesses olden almost as ropes. Their average lifespan is about 5 years. Of course it depends on frequency of use and number of falls. Inspect your climbing harness regularly. Pay special attention to the harness stitching, to the buckles and to the tie-in points. Ensure that the webbing is not cut, abraded, or worn through. by carlogozzi©2006-08
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