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There are some hikes I would suggest: from classic ones, whose goal is a refuge, to those less known, maybe beginning from a refuge. It could be a chance to spend a night in a refuge and two days in the mountains, far from city smog, and to keep in touch with nature.

Trails (see at the left of this page) are mainly grouped by mountain region (Maritime Alps, Pennine, and so on), even if sometimes I have chosen to specify valleys or natural parks.

I personally hiked the reported trails; I have put in the date or the season of my tests so you can experience the same conditions and difficulties. As already explained, conditions may change a lot, depending on the season!

You can see the map of almost all descriptions (even if I warmly suggest to purchase the relevant hike map); descriptions always indicate difficulties to face, hiking time and other info.
If you need more details about hike difficulties, I suggest to read the "grade systems" page, dedicated to this subject.

I will appreciate any comment, remark or news about the trails I described.
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