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Rocca di Perti is probably the widest part of Finale climbing area: it is divided in several tiers and there are both single pitch sports routes and multi-pitch bolted or trad routes. The easiest route is the arete ("spigolo") of the Northern Tier as it ranges from 2 to 3.
New routes have been recently bolted in the Northern Tier.

Perti Sud
La Rocca di perti

ACCESS. Exit highway A10 at Finale, following signs to Finalborgo (a wonderful medieval village where you can shake off climbing fatigue...). Just before entering the city centre, turn sharp left towards Calice Ligure.

To reach the Northern tier, drive straight ahead for a few km and, before passing under the highway bridge, turn sharp right. Continue pass S.Sebastiano, S.Eusebio and Castel Gavone; after passing the church the road becomes narrower. Drive for a few km up to the fork, where the road becomes a dirt road and park your car. The path leading to the climbing routes begins just beyond the wooden tables placed on the left side of the road. After a few meters the path forks: the right fork leads to the beginning of "Lo Spigolo" and continues to the "Settore Settentrionale" (Nortern Tier); the left fork leads to the "Versante Nord" (North Face) tier and continues to the summit of "Rocca di Perti".

To reach the South-Western tier ("parete delle gemme", "placca dell'oasi",...), continue towards Calice passing under the highway bridge. Turn sharp right (sign "palestra di roccia") and continue onto a steep slope becoming soon a dirt road (warning! uneven road surface). Park your car along the road. Follow the dirt road to reach the climbing tiers.

View the excellent topo of the Northern Tier of Perti, by Ernesto Dotta (file pdf) by carlogozzi©2006-08
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